A Complete Guide to do SEO Keyword Research

Keyword Research Tips

A Complete Guide to do SEO Keyword Research

SEO Keyword Research: Keyword research is the most important part of the Google ranking factors. It is the process of analyzing and identifying the search words used by the people. At the same time, it helps to increase your website ranking in search engines. In this blog, let us learn how to do effective SEO keyword research.

Importance of SEO Keyword Research

Researching the perfect keywords is the most crucial thing because it helps to improve your website in search marketing. Analyzing and integrating popular keywords provide many advantages such as

  • Figure out what your customers really want
  • Improve skyrocketing website traffic
  • Insights into your products and services
  • The pre-eminent position in the search engine result page

The fundamental step in SEO is to identify what it is you are optimizing for. This means that finding the terms people are searching for (also known as keywords). When selecting a keyword, you should consider the factors such as search volume, keyword difficulty, organic click-through-rate, relevancy and CPC, etc

Understand Keyword Types

Before begin with the keyword research, you should understand the different keyword types. In general, keywords are classified into four different ways.

  • Primary Keyword
  • Secondary Keyword
  • Long-Tail Keyword
  • Latest Semantic Indexing (LSI keywords)

Primary Keyword

As the name suggests, it is the most essential keyword on the website. It must include in a website title, domain and content as well. In fact, the main purpose of the primary keyword is utilized to describe the website page and help people locate the site. Before choosing the particular keyword has a volume and competition. If you select the keyword that has no volume and no competition, your business does not rank and you are simply wasting your time. In general, a primary keyword has high search volume. However, it is the most popular term to try to rank for; therefore they are the most competitive. Since, these primary keywords should be included on the Website main page. Usually, Primary keywords consist of one or two words. For example, the primary keyword “SEO services” since this keyword has a high traffic.

Secondary Keyword

A supporting part of the primary keyword is known as a secondary keyword. If you want to improve the website position No.1 in the search engine result page, you should target the primary keywords along with the secondary keywords. Therefore, it is very easy to rank your keywords in a short time. This is the major benefit of the secondary keyword. A keyword contains more than two words is known as secondary keywords. An example of a secondary keyword is “professional SEO services”. This type of keyword is specific than primary but it has less search volume.

Long – Tail Keyword

Contrasted with primary and secondary keywords, the long-tail keyword for SEO contains a low search volume. However, the conversion is high and it has low competition. As a matter of fact, this type of keyword plays an important role which helps to boost website traffic. Usually, a keyword that includes more than 3 or 4 words is known as a long-tail keyword. “best SEO services for small business” is a perfect example for a long-tail keyword. These are more detailed, very specific and also search volume is lower.

Keywords Competition Avg Search/Month
SEO services Medium 9900
Professional SEO Services Low 880
Best SEO Services for Small Business Low 10

Latent Semantic Indexing Keyword

If you enter any keyword in the search box then Google shows the results that are related to your keyword. The bottom of the search engine result page, then you can see search related keywords. These search related keywords are known as LSI keywords. Using Latent Semantic Indexing keywords, it helps to improve your primary keyword ranking. For example, If you can type a keyword “SEO services” in Google, then the LSI keywords can be shown at the end of the SERPs.

Lsi Keywords

Discovering Keywords Using Popular Tools

Researching and analyzing keywords, there are free and paid keyword research tools are available such as

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Uber Suggest
  • SEMrush
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Ahrefs

Google Keyword Planner Tool: The keyword planner tool provides keyword ideas along with traffic that helps to select the right keyword for your business. Unlike other tools, this tool provides data that are directly from Google.

Keyword Planner Tool

Uber Suggest: Ubersuggest, a Keyword research tool provides tons of keyword ideas for your business. It generates data from Google’s search suggestions. Further, it provides a lot of keyword ideas along with search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC and so on.


SEMrush: This tool provides keyword data and helps to determine keywords that are related to search terms. In fact, it is a paid tool and it has plenty of features.

Keywords Everywhere: Keywords everywhere is one of the popular and paid keyword research tools. This tool provides ideas for keywords.


After selecting the right keywords, use your keywords in the website wherever possible. Further, include your keywords in blog posts, website pages, and also social media posts. The more you use keywords in your content, and then it helps to the target audience to find you. At SEOBusiness Company, a digital marketing company in India, our dedicated team specialized keyword research in SEO services. Especially, we analyze the keyword research and implement those SEO keyword in content, title, Meta description, images, social media posts, off page submission and so on. After the proper SEO keyword research has been completed, the search engine can index your website quickly and helps to rank high in search engines.

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