Top 7 Powerful Google Ranking Factors for Your Website Rank#1 in 2020

Google Ranking Factors

Top 7 Powerful Google Ranking Factors for Your Website Rank#1 in 2020

Google Ranking Factors: In fact, search engine optimization is a dynamic field that may continuously evolve more rapidly with each passing day. It is essential to keep up with the changes in Google Search Ranking Factor Algorithm 2020. Google is drastically evolving over the past ten years. Nowadays, a neural matching and Artificial Intelligence based on the methods can process more than 30% of the searches and Google may recognize concepts behind the keywords. So that, the RankBrain Algorithm, HTTPS and also Mobile-first indexing.

Top 7 Powerful Google Ranking Factors in 2020

Content Quality

Most importantly, high ranking content refers to in-depth content which covers a broad spectrum of the respective sector. Content marketing services should produce actual value to the user and can incorporate engaging visual content in order to complement the written content. Quality is a more important thing when compared to quantity. So that, try to focus on value, not a word count.

Regular Update

Regular update on your site is the most essential factor. If you are a huge publisher with a lot of old content that does not rank, updating an old article will significant. This freshness algorithm seems to update faster than the core algorithm Google updates using Google Ranking Factors.

Links velocity

Backlinks provide the strongest ranking signals in Google’s search algorithm. If you generate more links you may from multiple high-authority domains, the best your chances are to ranking a well for better keywords. Online marketers may pay close attention to their backlink profiles. Particularly, Penguin 4.0 can be filtered and cleaned sites with low-quality backlink profiles.

Page Speed

In addition, the mobile-first indexing approaches from a Google, page speed have to become more crucial than ever. For example, we have a website with slow page speed may harder time ranking at top results. Google’s goal with these updates will produce users with search results and it includes sites that provide a better user experience.

Social Signals and Brand Power

Brand searches include a significant signal to Google’s search algorithm. It provides more traffic a website gets from branded searches in order to more recognize with the help of an algorithm. At the same time, we have noticed social signals from Quora Reddit, Facebook, Pinterest and also other social sites is also correlate with search rankings. The sites that can combine social signals and brand power with efforts across all other SEO channels will achieve greater search visibility.

User Experience

UX is a last of our list, but it didn’t mean it’s redundant by any means. As well as, the Google algorithm gets more advanced you may have to put more focus on providing better user experience. It is so hard to say exactly how to measure an effect of UX, as it varies the demographic and industry. Important to realize, the strong correlation between an accurate UX/UI on SERP.

Generate Backlinks from .Edu/.Gov Domains

A domain such as .gov and .edu is high quality, authoritative websites, s they are normally getting higher rankings. In order to, comes to passing on their weight, Google can tend to treat them equally to the other sites. Not putting any additional weight in them just for having such type of domain extensions. For example, it is easier to try and earning from more links in niche relevant links.


In the final analysis, the big impact on SEO marketing strategies in 2020. Recent Google updates will pay the way for websites with content writing tips that can provide real value for the users. At the same time, Google can much better measure how users may interact with the content. There is a combination of factors that can more likely to result in better rankings. The old quality content and backlinks from the trusted relevant sources from the powered by quick-loading and secured websites.

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