Penalty Recovery Services

Penalty Recovery Services to Rectify Google Penalties

Penalty Recovery Services: At SEO Business company, a digital marketing company we offer exclusive Google update optimization through our penalty recovery services. We at Google Penalty Recovery Services, help our clients to devise the recovery plan to enhance the website traffic. Our Google Penalty Recovery Services cater to identify the reasons behind the drop in client’s website traffic. It is because of link devaluation, penalty, update or else any other thing. We can identify the issue, tailor a plan, finally execute what is actually need to be done and can help you save your website rankings. At the same time, taking your brand to a better position.

Process of penalty recovery services:

The type of penalty considered and how it’s affecting your rankings decides our recovery strategy. We initiate with several hours of research, a backlink audit, and report years to identify the existence of a Penguin or Panda penalty, or, if a manual penalty is imagined, we inspect Google Search Console for a notification from Google.


A few steps we will take to correct what is directed to a correction are:

  • Obtain link data: We use several tools to pull data on the linkages to and from your site.
  • Evaluating and removing links: We usually inspect links in your backlink profile to evaluate the link is valuable or detrimental.
  • Submitting the removal requests to Google: We identify low-quality content or spammy links that factor into retributions and function with you to delete or enhance the scope, terminate or dispute immoral links, and file a reconsideration proposal with Google on your behalf.


These penalty inspection and recovery tasks are severe, but there are no shortcuts to rebuilding a site’s rankings. These steps are also just the conception — reforming rankings must include some SEO work, such as developing new, high-quality links back to your site. There can also be a waiting duration for Google to review reconsideration requests and remove penalties.

"Penalty Recovery Diagnose, Analyse, Clean and Fix Your Penalties "

Why Choose Us ?

Penalty Recovery Services | Seo Business Company

Penalty Recovery Services
Penalty Recovery Services | Seo Business Company

Our Experts

We are having experienced professionals who will do comprehensive research on recovering the website according to both penguin and panda updates.

Penalty Recovery Services | Seo Business Company

In-depth analysis

Our experts do in-depth analysis in your website to identify the section, which fails to meet Google best practices and take necessary steps to regain rank.

Penalty Recovery Services | Seo Business Company

Affordable Penalty Removal Service

You should not spend a massive amount of money on penalty recovery. Our Google algorithmic penalty removal packages are competitive.

Penalty Recovery Services | Seo Business Company

Intelligent Strategies

Our experienced team do things right at first time itself. To achieve this we follow manual as well as algorithmic penalty removal strategies which suits the case.

Our Google Penalty Recovery Services

Penalty Recovery Services | Seo Business Company

  • Google Manual Penalty

    We figure out if you are being penalized by checking it manually. We would also have to check all of the links to make sure they are all good and organic links.

  • Algorithmic Penalty

    We can help you to figure out if you are suffering from this and we can use some of the tools that are available.

  • Bad Links Removal

    If you have links that are on your website that are not natural or organic, then we can help you to get rid of those.

Benefits Of Google Penalty Recovery

Penalty Recovery Services | Seo Business Company

  • Research and Identification

To identify the triggers which might be caused the penalty like duplicate content, link purchasing, low-quality content and also more keyword stuffing.

  • Ethical Erasure

Invests efforts on painstaking manual processes to erase a Google penalty and enrich that website is restored to its former ranking.

  • Restore Your Traffic

To win back your hard-won traffic which it been impacted by the penalty. Ensure that your marketing resources and efforts do not go to waste.

  • Reinstate Your Credibility

It is huge valuable assets of any business can own. Regaining the hard-won credibility in the online marketing place.

  • Penalty Recovery

By Google Penalty Recovery Services you will be able to regain usual stream of traffic to your website, which was lost due to penalty. Also your promotion starts yielding results.

  • Search Engine Results

By using right tools, your website will win back the ranking and it will start appearing in search engine results. Your website will regain its position in Google.

Benefits Of Penalty Recovery

Our Working Process

Penalty Recovery Services | Seo Business Company

  • Assess and Link Audit
  • Outreach and Review
  • Evaluate and Learn
  • Natural SEO
  • Monitoring and Management

Tools We Use

Penalty Recovery Services | Seo Business Company

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