Top 10 Reasons to Use Long Tail Keywords for SEO

Long Tail Keywords For Seo

Top 10 Reasons to Use Long Tail Keywords for SEO


Long Tail Keywords for SEO: About 75% of searches are done using long-tail keywords. In fact, this effective statistic helps to realize how important they are for SEO. It is one of the major reasons that you should focus on long-tail keywords in an SEO strategy.

If you are neglecting long-tail keywords, then you can lose 75% of the search traffic. In fact, primary keywords are difficult to rank for in a short time. It takes more time to stay ahead of your competition.
On the other hand, Long tail keywords are very simple and easy to rank due to it consists of particular topics that less people write about. Long-tail keywords have less competition. It helps to provide more website traffic.

Long Tail Keywords for SEO

As a matter of fact, long tail keyword includes 3 to 5 words with low search volume. It is useful to capture more relevant website traffic.

Examples of Long Tail Keywords such as

  • professional seo services
  • best seo services in India
  • best digital marketing services
  • professional digital marketing services agency

When people use long tail keywords in their search queries, they are being particular regarding their requirements. Therefore, optimize your website at the top of the search results for such specific keywords. In sure, it provides offers more opportunities for conversions.

Long Tail Keywords for SEO – Top 10 Reasons to Focus

In this blog, here are top reasons to use long tail keywords strategy.

#1: Easy to Rank

This is one of the major benefits that long tail keywords provide is that they are simple to rank for. In fact, the reason behind simple to rank for is due to less competition. It has a better chance to getting your website top in search engine result page.

For Example, the long tail keyword like “best seo company

Best Seo Company

#2: Voice Search

As you already know, the future of SEO is voice search update. Maximum 35% of all searches will be conducted without a screen by 2020.

Voice Search

Therefore, Long tail keywords are well-suitable for optimizing your website for voice search. The reason behind that, voice commands consists of 3 to 5 words.

When a user searches with the help of Google Assistant, Siri or Amazon Echo, they use commands like “which is the best seo company in India?”, “How to optimize your blog for featured snippet?” and so on.
However, these queries are naturally long-tail and if you begin optimizing your website for these kinds of searches, then your website can begin to rank on top for voice searches in future.

#3: Outrank Your Competition

On the internet, there are nearly thousands of websites for a particular topic. So, if you want to beat the competition, you should understand the user intent due to its importance. In fact, long tail keyword helps to beat the competition. According to research conducted by search engine, Website those who mention long tail keywords are less than those who have short tail keywords. Now, this behaviour shows us that long tail keywords have less competition. It provides the better chances of ranking on position 1.

#4: Website Traffic

Providing a lot of website traffic on your website is important. But generic traffic does not help. In general, short tail keyword does not provide massive traffic due to they are mentioned already on other websites. With the help of long tail keywords, you can get massive website traffic.

#5: Mobile Site Optimization

Nowadays, maximum number of people search any products or services they need using their smartphones instead of their laptop or desktop. That’s why, it is most important for your website should be optimized for smartphone users. At the same time, Google is focused on long tail keywords. It helps to improving their search results and you need to keep this in mind when you begin planning your keyword campaign.

#6: Helps to Rank for Local Search

As a matter of fact, local search queries are increased due to the use of smartphones. The best example for local search queries like “best seo services company near me” or “best seo company in Madurai. These are the local search queries, due to their nature and often tend to be lengthier. If you want your website to rank in local search results, then you should focus on long tail keywords. With the help of long tail keywords, it provides context to search engines and helps them understand if your website satisfies a local search query. Hence, it is most important for local SEO services.

Local Search Queries

#7: Help to Rank for Primary Keywords

While the long tail keywords are best for seo strategies to increase traffic and driving more conversions, you want to rank top for primary keywords as well. In fact, this is one of the highly suggested SEO best practices. Generally, primary keywords are associated with high competition. Instead of, you can focus long tail keywords to rank for primary keywords.

To be sure, this strategy really works due to long tail keywords create multiple web pages containing optimized, high-quality content. Therefore, long tail keyword helps to achieve the high rank for primary keywords.

#8: Featured in Google’s Rich Snippets

Search engines continuously strive to provide the best search experience to their users. That’s why; they often incorporate new elements to help searchers find valuable and relevant information. For example, the introduction of rich snippets has improved the search experience on Google. It is the best way to beat organic listings to reach the top of the search engine result page. In fact, the common form of rich snippets such as reviews, paragraph, lists, image etc. For example, when you search for “seo technical facts” on Google, here’s what you get,

Seo Technical Facts

#9: Well-Suitable for PPC

Nowadays, several online marketers agree that the PPC ads should be mostly in long-tail keywords. In PPC advertising, you should pay each time when someone clicks on your advertisement. If you bid on non-specific, the common terms that you can have lower CTR and also the less conversions.
Therefore, a plenty of money will be wasted on ill-targeted traffic. But, if you bid on specific phrases that better describe what you sell or provide, you are likely to attract just the right users to your website, and your PPC campaign will pay off sooner.

#10: Easy to Optimize For

In that case, it is very simple to perform on-page optimization if you are optimizing for long-tail keywords. This is because, first, you don’t need so many of them on the page. On the other hand, the long-tails looks more natural in website copy than do scores of primary tail terms. In fact, it provides a better user experience and also helps conversions. Therefore, there are several reasons to optimize your website for long-tail keyword.

Final Thoughts

In the final analysis, long-tail keywords are powerful alternative to primary keywords. It helps to completely transform your SEO efforts.

In addition, this helps to improve the ROI of your SEO strategy by driving qualified visitors to your website. If you are new to SEO, you should focus on how to find and helps to increase website traffic.

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