Google’s Update – Voice Search Replaced With Google Assistant

Voice Search Update

Google’s Update – Voice Search Replaced With Google Assistant

Voice Search Update: Before Assistant, Google had “Voice Search” capabilities which were closely integrated with full-on search. Over the past years, all innovation will focus on Assistant and Google is now in the process of replacing voice search on Android. According to Google’s report, the old voice search icon has been replaced with an Assistant icon in the Google app and search bar widget. Additionally, the SEO Services bar widget invites users to “Ask Your Assistant”. When previously it had the message “Say “Hey Google” “. When triggered, queries may perform by Assistant and results open in a slide-up panel.

Reasons – Voice Search Update Replaced with Google Assistant

Google changing the focus from voice search to Assistant is an indication of where Google wants to guide the future of its services. In fact, these changes will impact a little percentage of organic search traffic to publishers, and given the Assistant’s penchant for delivering direct answers. When users are given the answers they need from Assistant. They don’t have to search and click through to publishers’ sites. Again, this change only has the potential to impact the percentage of searches will conduct using voice search on Android. However, it’s impossible to know exactly how large or small that percentage. Because Google doesn’t provide Voice Search Optimization.

Latest Features of Google Assistant

Ride-sharing options: As a matter of fact, it is the most useful feature, as users can book a ride on their ride-sharing apps with a simple voice search update command. Currently, the ride-sharing apps compatible with this feature. Such as Grab, Lyft, Ola, GO_JEK, and Uber, etc. However, there are various ride-sharing apps available in different locations, this technology can compare the prices for each, allowing to prefer the most cost-efficient option.

New Design and Functions: The major updates of Assistant are the new redesign on Smartphone platforms. This redesign can ensure the user experience, making controls and features simple to see and use. It incorporates large visuals to allow for easier usability. Which makes the best experience for people of different ages and works as an accessibility feature as well. Along with the bigger visuals, users can access new sliders and controls for their home devices. It provides control over devices such as speakers, lights and other devices around your home. Moreover, AI assistant such as Google assistant can provide users with the ability to control devices in a single location.

Personalized Interface: This feature view an interface where you can view weather reports near the area, videos, news updates, and blogs you might be interested in viewing. Google has been focusing on search results that provide user preference.

Final Thoughts

In the final analysis, Google Assistant has become the most powerful AI assistant to numerous voice search update. Which continuously optimize its functionality to be able to perform tasks with several commands. As well as, the more updates are bound to come Google Assistant’s way very soon. That means the latest set of functions to try out and user-friendly systems to make it more accessible. Therefore, Businesses need to make sure that they capitalize on the functionality that Google provides on the voice search front. As well as, make sure that you maximize your chances of getting more visits to your business by voice search optimization.

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