Secrets to Optimize for Google’s Featured Snippets 2020

Optimize For Featured Snippets

Secrets to Optimize for Google’s Featured Snippets 2020

Optimize for Featured Snippets

Optimize for Featured Snippets: A featured snippet shows up as a block which it contains the exact answer to the query. It is found right above the first organic search results, which is also called the “position 0”. Let’s say we do a Google search on “Importance of STM Microcontroller”. Below, the screenshot of a featured snippet for the query.

Google's Featured Snippet

Most of the time, Google includes an image in a featured snippet. This image source can include various than the source of the answer. In fact, the featured snippets make the people’s online search simpler since they can see the answer they are looking for.

Google programmatically picks the best answer from its third party website and also features it in a snippet. If Google selects to display the content as a featured snippet, imagine the exposure and also leads you could get.

Types of Google’s Featured Snippets

There are three most common types of Optimize for Featured Snippets

Paragraph Snippet: In this snippet shows the paragraph type of answer to the questions such as like, how, why, who, when and also what. This type of screenshot above the examples of the paragraph featured snippet. Important to realize, paragraph snippet is a common popular type.

Paragraph Snippet

List Snippet: Answering that is presented into the numbered lists or else bulleted lists fall under the snippet type. In this list, snippet applies mostly to the post about step-by-step instruction.

List Snippet

Table Snippet: Often you will see the table snippets shows up for posting that are containing comparisons charts—Google values well-structured content with its rates, years, prices and also other numerical data.

Table Snippet

Some Benefits of Google’s Featured Snippets

The Optimize for Featured Snippets have been around since 2014, and yet it can seem that the marketers are not taking more advantages of them. The fact that Google aims to produces a better user experience by showing into the people the best search results is enough reason to rank for position 0. But for the sake of knowing what exactly, why here some of the advantages of featured snippets.

Steals Traffic from the First Result

Ahref can study 2 million featured snippets they can discover into the astonishing. A featured snippet doesn’t get more clicks than the SEO Services page ranking #1 for the search query.

Average CTR of Featured Snippets

The CTR Optimization for Google’s Featured Snippets

No featured snippets

  • There are 26% of clicks go to the 1st URL.

With Featured Snippet

  • There are 8.6% of clicks who prefer to go the featured snippet.

As well as, 19.6% of clicks go to the “natural” search result high below the featured snippet.

Optimizes for Voice Search

If you think that voice search is a fad and also think again. In 2020, 50% of the search can be conducted into the voice-controlled personal assistants. Like Siri, Cortana and also Google Assistant. People can tune into the voice search through mobile devices.

Because we are naturally asking questions when doing the voice search and also a featured snippets show up into the question type queries, it makes sense to rank for these snippets.

You can become a Most Trusted Expert

Try to position yourself as an authority in the niche is too hard. Let it alone that several businesses are competing for the audience’s attention.

From the potential customer’s perspective, you may become more desirable by being in a featured snippet. As a source of reliable information per Google’s recommendation, you can become the go-to website when people in your niche want advice.

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