Off-Page SEO Techniques 2020- To Drive Organic Traffic Among Top Competition

Off-Page Seo Techniques

Off-Page SEO Techniques 2020- To Drive Organic Traffic Among Top Competition

Off-Page SEO Techniques: If you want to skyrocket the organic traffic for your website, then you should use some powerful off-page SEO techniques. Surely, you can drive the massive website traffic from Search engines by building quality backlinks only. Off-page SEO is a collection of optimization strategies that need to be carried out outside of any website. Using a better off-page SEO technique means you are proven to your visitors and search engines that your website is trustworthy and authentic etc. At the same time, the benefits of off-page SEO tactics are plenty. Some of them are increased website ranking, improved visits, and also visibility, etc.

Get High Authority Backlinks – Off-Page SEO Techniques

When it comes to off-page SEO techniques, the most important ranking factor is known as “backlinks”. Because search engines can trust your website if your website has authority-rich backlinks. When the search engine looks for fresh and regular updated content, it indexes your page and also makes it available for search users. As well as, when relevant search queries generated, the Search engine uses certain algorithm factors to identify whose page will rank. This is known as “Google Ranking Factors”.

Major Factors that Google Evaluate While Ranking

  • Number of Linking Domains
  • Authority of a Linking website
  • Number of Do-follow Links
  • Links from homepage
  • Link Relevancy

Table of Content

  • 1: Guest Posting
  • 2: Infographic Marketing
  • 3: Question and Answer
  • 4: Social Media Marketing
  • 5: Forum Marketing
  • 6: Stealing Competitor’s Backlinks
  • 7: Social Bookmarking
  • 8: Web 2.0

Technique 1: Guest Posting

Guest Blogging is the most popular Latest Off-Page SEO Techniques 2020 in that content is published as a guest post by other high authority websites. Further, make sure to select the perfect website that has high authority and related niche that you are in. In that case, develop an interesting blog for publishing and link them to your website. By doing the guest posting, it helps to build brand awareness and also traffic back to your website.

Technique 2: Infographic Marketing

Nowadays, Infographic marketing becomes the most popular. Submit your infographic to particular websites and provide a reference to your articles and webpages. Not only it helps brand awareness and also it generates more traffic. In fact, Infographic will generate more traffic than normal blog post. Hence, this is an outstanding link building strategies.

Technique 3: Question and Answer

For driving website traffic, Question and Answer websites are the well-suitable platform. Most people ask some questions which are related to your business. You can search for the questions on this type of website and answers them. Some of the following Question and Answer websites such as

  • Quora
  • Stackoverflow
  • Blurtit
  • ehow
  • Yahoo Answers

Technique 4: Social Media Marketing

Social media has more influence through search results these days, therefore it is very important to build a strong presence in social media which you can use for spreading links. As a matter of fact, social media marketing is one of the parts of “Off-Page SEO”. In that case, the proper configurations of social media profiles can boost SEO Strategies to increase traffic to your websites.

Consider the following tips when it comes to off-page through social media marketing such as

  • Having active profiles on social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, etc. Further, having a share button on your website to link back to them.
  • Promote your latest products on social media channels and also active in discussion forums and invite them to like and share your stuff.

Technique 5: Forum Marketing

Forum is an ultimate way to promote your website and get some link juice from related forums. Since it provides an instant ranking. Engage in “Do follow” forums that are associated with your website, it helps to develop a relationship with a community. By answering to threads which helps to improves a website authority and traffic as well.

Technique 6: Stealing Competitor’s Backlinks

Steal your competitor’s backlinks with the use of the Spyglass Tool. In addition, the other tools are also used to analyze the competitor’s backlinks are following such as Ahref, Moz and Semrush. However, this is the best way to get an idea of how and where your competitors are getting backlinks strategies. You may link your website in a particular domain in which your competitor is already linked.

Technique 7: Social Bookmarking

To generate the website traffic, an another best way that is known as “social bookmarking”. In that case, leave your website links on the social bookmarking website. However, the backlinks achieved from social bookmarking websites which help to improve the website traffic. The most popular social bookmarking websites are the following such as Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, and Slashdot, etc.

Technique 8: Web 2.0

This is a great technique where we can create subdomains on a high domain authority website. An example of web 2.0 sites such as WordPress, medium, blogger, moonfruit, webs, etc. Consider the following tips to maintain your subdomain such as

  • keep sharing the better content
  • update the website regularly with fresh content
  • create backlink for a published article

In conclusion, the successful off-page SEO services give you a better website ranking in search engine result page and increased organic traffic too.

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