10 Effective SEO Secrets for Rank #1 on Google

10 Effective Seo Secrets

10 Effective SEO Secrets for Rank #1 on Google

Table Of Content
  • Introduction
  • Go Niche
  • Choose Realistic Keywords
  • Optimize the Content For Your Keyword
  • Add Tons
  • Acquire Links
  • Set an Advanced Filter
  • Reports By Ranking
  • Indicate Relevance
  • Use Semantic Keyword
  • Improve The Quality
  • Conclusion


10 Effective SEO Secrets: Ranking number 1 on Google to be the dream of every business, website owners. Reaching the highest task by making traffic high on your website. But top-ranking rarely happens on the site. Even trending marketers struggle to get number one in the ranking. How to overcome this defeat and achieve top ranking. Ninety-five per cent of traffic will be on the first page only. To get page rank, you must have more incoming backlinks. Google will send your page top when your site has satisfied several users. Google page rank is significant since it makes your website visible to most of the viewers. Some useful effective SEO tips that make you rank first on the Google page.

Go Niche

Understanding of competitive landscape is essential for succeeding part of SEO. As a small business, you don’t want to compete with big companies. There are more specific keywords that can easily rank your page leading so you can follow the method.

Choose Realistic Keywords

If you target the right keyword, anyone can place at the top site. Choosing a keyword suitably for your content is very important. Once the website reaches tremendous authority, then you can move on to competitive keywords that create more traffic. You have to implement a keyword that users are looking for.

Optimize The Content For Your Keyword

Once you got a niche, you can get more natural keywords, then use your keyword in strategic places of your content. Don’t overuse your keyword instead, you modify it according to your content and place it in a suitable position. Mostly modify your keyword in a particular area.

  • Focus your Keyword
  • URL
  • Meta Tags
  • Headings
  • Modify your image tags, caption

Although, Google, users favour content that does a great the job of covering the topic. Use keywords more frequently in your content. Your content should be significant, more depth.

Add Tons

88 Per cent of the business, the company use content marketing as a part of their strategies. It involves a variety of contents, blog postings, webinars, infographics. The important thing if you have to rank high in Google, you have to update your blog contents, infographics regularly. You should not just add content you have to provide high-quality information. Updates in your content will boost your site ranking top on Google. Significant content means to use more keywords. Use more links to your content.

Acquire Links

In terms of SEO Services, Links play a critical role. Moz’s reports that vital element to achieve higher ranking is inbound links. Add your site to local business, review pages.

  • Guest post on popular sites
  • Create different contents
  • Get free links from HARO

Set an Advanced Filter

Advance filters should be used to find which keyword you use Places high ranking. The page that lists more significant than ten is high. It assumes that ten organic listings on a page. No one like to rank in second but page two is almost page one.

Reports By Ranking

Press the average position to sort the reports, and you have to perform this twice a day. Ranking reports show you the evolution of the result page. Save sorted keywords as a shortcut. So the reports could be available anytime on the left side of Google analytics.

Indicate Relevance

SEO is about indicating relevance using on-page optimization, if your pages are too short instead of using extra contents try to use more phrases in the material for making the traffic and also improve local ranking.

  • Use 4 to 6 instance phrases in your content
  • Use keyphrase at least one time in the header
  • Several time phrases should be used in the body text

Use Semantic Keyword

Search Engines about topic meaning, phrases. Google prefers more attention to semantics rather than letters. So smart optimizers are paying attention to semantics. Find which links, phases semantically linked. Semantic keywords help you a lot to make your ranking in a leading position.

Improve The Quality

If your ranking page has to increase focus more on updating your content. Your aim to make your page best on the internet. Add links, video, graphics to high web pages. Keywords alone not enough to make your pages better to viewers.


Traffic can be increased to your page with website experience. These 10 Effective SEO Secrets helps to rank number one on Google makes your site visible to many viewers. If your site has reached first on Google, you have to maintain it by updating your website with more trending contents on your web page.

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