Trendy Email Marketing Tool – Every Marketers Should Know

Mailchimp Email Marketing

Trendy Email Marketing Tool – Every Marketers Should Know

Mailchimp – Email Marketing

Mailchimp Email Marketing: Email Marketing, the easiest way to reach your customer directly via emails. Sending emails is one of the highly effective digital email marketing strategies and its benefits is many ways as it increases brand loyalty, brand recognition, increases web traffic, boosts sales and build better customer relationship using Email Marketing Services.

Basic Things to follow while Creating Email Campaigns,

1. Always have Goal

  • Educate your product
  • To build your brand
  • Sell your product or service
  • To drive more traffic

2. Don’t Always Sell

  • Give information about your service or products
  • Give tips & tricks

3. Mail Regularly

  • Mail them at least once per month
  • Add your contact details in the Trendy Email Marketing Tool
  • Include website links & call to action buttons

4. Build a Quality Email List

  • Don’t by any mail list
  • Connect with Facebook pixel and add real-time audience list

5. Use ESP(Email Service Provider)

  • Select best service provider or tool
  • Add quality email list in it
  • Make a schedule to share mails

These are the major things to follow while sending an email.

Kick Start with Email Campaigns

Know some ideas to start with an email list,

  1.  Find competitors website and know how the capturing emails
  2.  Know what your competitors giving visitors to signup (Popup, newsletter)
  3.  What your competitors were offering for visitors and how they were getting their data.

Research More…

Start Email campaigns with a quality list, build your list by giving your visitors ebook, mini-course, coupons, videos, offers and free trails in pop up’s and also create hyper segmented email list by using Facebook pixels.

Getting Start with Mailchimp

Mailchimp is the popular email marketing provider, and it’s the secure automation platform which allows user to create, send and analyze. Not only mailing option to also useful in creating a newsletter, to run ad campaigns and to schedule social media post by integrating social platforms using Social media advertising services.

Audience Management

While creating an email campaign the major thing to be focus is audience, Creating an Audience with the following rule,

  1. Importing Subscribers (Having a listing of contact and import them)
  2. Audience Signup Process (Use popup & newsletter)
  3. Email Authentication (Use Authenticated Trendy Email Marketing Tool – reduce risk from spam)
  4. Recipient Unsubscribe (Remove the unsubscribers from the existing list)
  5. Combining Audience (joining audience from the existing list)

Mailchimp as CRM

While using Mailchimp as CRM we will gain a clear picture of our audience, while using it, we can create target emails for specific subscribers. In order to, it will be also helpful in creating MailChimp ad to specific subscribers. (As we can focus on a particular audience like can share food-related emails to subscribers who has more interest in foods).

Thinks To Note: While creating an audience list the this which should not follow are listed below,

1. Important to realize, never buy Email list from the third party
2. Ensure the list before mailing where the recipients allow you or not to mail

Coming back to audience creation, the steps to follow are…

While Creating the Audience, these are the options available

  • Importing CSV File (Importing File from our own self)
  • Copy/Paste (Simply pasting the list)
  • Integrated Service (Integrating using tools)

By selecting it create an audience list.

Mailchimp Groups, Tags & Segments

Groups – Organizing an audience by their interest.
Tags – Labels to keep your audience organized by region, location, etc.
Segments – Segmenting the list by campaign engagement.

Mailchimp Lead Capture

Embedded Forms – Adding embedded code into our website and track visitors.
Subscriber Popup – Adding popup in the website and integrate contacts directly.
Landing Page – Design and build a new page, adding call to action on it.
Form Builder – Build & design shareable signup forms to collect email.
Form Integration – Create signup forms using integrated channels.

Campaign Creation

While coming up with campaign creation there are several methods, they are

1. Email
2. Ads
3. Landing Page
4. Post Card
5. Social Post
6. Signup Forms


Creating an email campaign in Mailchimp has four different methods they are Regular, Plain Text, A/B Test, Automation

Regular – Adding HTML code
Plain Text – It contains text & No formatting
A/B Test – To check the performance
Automation – Sends based on triggers

After selecting the campaign type, we need to add the recipient’s. As well as, add a form with it then add a subject to your Trendy Email Marketing Tool and finally give a mail id to send mails.

Before sending test your campaigns as follows,

  1. Preview your subject in both desktop and mobile view
  2. Send a test mails
  3. Open link checkers
  4. Check with social cards

After checking the campaign, Send the mail. At the same time, track all the metrics like clicks, opens, unsubscribers, website visits and all.

A/B Test Campaign

There are four testing ways to run A/B test campaigns,

Subject Line – Can make tow different subject line to a mail and test it.
From Name – Change the from the name in a mail and testing it.
Content – Using different content and sending mail.
Time – Sending mails in a different time and testing it.

Automated Campaign Sequences

Triggers – It helps in targeting specific contacts with their actions in mail like opens, clicks, website visit, add to cart and etc..) By using these insight, we can send automated emails.
Workflow – This is to send a series of mail to your list( Welcome Mail, Educate Subscribers and etc.,..)
Filter – Share mails to the filtered list of mail, (Filtered by segments and tags)
Post Send Action – Mail with call to action form, It helps to generate list.

Landing Page

Creating a landing page will increase the Mailchimp audience, and it creates a complete brand experience to audience and drive traffic to the website.

Post Card

Creating a postcard will help in building engagement, as it will increase the ROI.

Social Post

Using a social post feature is quite impressive. You can integrate your social channel accounts into Mailchimp and can schedule the post.

Signup Form

In the final analysis, we can create more type of signup forms in Mailchimp, by using these signup form we can generate more leads.

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