Effective Way To Increase Organic Traffic Through Blogs

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Effective Way To Increase Organic Traffic Through Blogs

Table Of Content
  • Topic Selection
  • Use Proper Headlines to Get More Clicks
  • Create Content Marketing Strategies to generate more Target Audience
  • Increase Your Blog’s Loading Time
  • Making Your Content SEO friendly
  • Optimize your Keyword (Page Title, URL, H1, Meta)
  • Identify Keywords
  • Have Blog Post Schedule and Blog Regularly
  • Publish and Watch the Results

Increase Blog Traffic: Are you frustrated by low blog traffic? Don’t worry You will get more traffic to your blog, and in this blog post, I will show you how. Content Marketing is the perfect way to attract more relevant organic traffic. There is a difference between a 60-page Website, and a 400+ page site is a blog because a blog post is an absolutely essential practice for SEO and also traffic building.

Topic Selection

If you decide to write about a topic that nobody is interested in, you are going to struggling to get traffic, no matter how best your content is. So, how will you get the best ideas of which topics to write about?

First, you have to read more other forums and blogposts; it can be a better way to begin. But there is a bunch of tools that may help you here, such as

Google Trends – It can show you a graph view on how increased/decreased over time.

BuzzSumo – This BuzzSumo tool can show which topics will generate the most social shares.

SEMrush – In this tool, you will find out exactly what keywords your competitors are ranking for its Google and getting an estimate of how much traffic in these keywords can bring in. And it helps to improve SEO Ranking Factors.

The significant thing here is to ensure that the topics you will select fit with your content and focused on helping your target audience.

Use Proper Headlines to Get More Clicks

The headline or title of your blog post is to capture the attention of its potential reader. People can see it in their social media newsfeed or else search results. Make sure you will include the major keyword phrase that people will use when searching the topic you are covering. It is also important to include the principles mentioned above the headlines.

Create Content for Targeted Audience

As a matter of fact, the content of your blog is one of the baits that will attract readers. You have to require answering the first to get a better understanding of your audience.

Know Your Target Audience

  • What issues does my company’s services or product to solve?
  • Who is your current customer?
  • Who are your competitors?

In this time, you have to answer these questions, and you will have to define an understanding of each of the following.

  • Why your content deserves to exists
  • Who can go to read it
  • What your competitors are doing
  • Why your audience should select your content instead of your competition.

Increase Your Blog’s Loading Time

Loading times is one of the essential things to Increase Organic Traffic Through Blogs. Slow loading times have proven to causes a massive drop in conversions. Therefore, it is true that page loading times are a ranking factor for search engines like Google, it is only a small part of the algorithm, so it will enhance the traffic but not by too much. The main advantage here is in keeping your exiting reader is coming back to the site and catering to better user experience.

Making Your Content SEO friendly

When you are working on Local SEO Strategies, you require to be aware of the existing factors that are influence your ranking. These are the elements that can affect your ranking, either a positive or negative manner. There are two several types of ranking factors, such as Off-page SEO Techniques and On-page. Making your content SEO friendly, you should create pay attention to the on-page factors using Increase Organic Traffic Through Blogs.

  • Using the keywords in title, H1 tags, description
  • Use SEO friendly URLs
  • Making a user-friendly layout, use h2 tags, bullet points, etc
  • Use keywords in the first 100 words
  • Making a design responsive
  • Optimizing a page loading speed
  • Create long and original content
  • Optimizing images with SEO attributes
  • Using outbound links with relevancy and quality

Optimize your Keyword (Page Title, URL, H1, Meta)

Target Keyword Using Url

Important to realize, the important place to include a keyword on any page of your site is in the page title, H1, URL, and so on. This means that if you are trying to rank for “How to use a blog,” you need to make sure that the phrase in order to all the three places. Particularly, there is a common mistake for a company to put it to the name before it keywords in a page title. It depends on the blogging software; it could be several ways of editing your page title, H1, and URL. While your software didn’t allow you to make these changes, you require to think seriously about finding a new blogging platform.

Identify Keywords

You are a Blogger (Which its owned by Google), WordPress, or else Wikipedia; you are not going to be taking the No.1 search engine result for the term “Blog” anytime soon. It’s okay, and you may still get crafty and taking a sizable chunk of the traffic by thinking among the way people can search it helps to Increase Organic Traffic Through Blogs.

Most of the experienced Google users can understand that using a general term is not going to get them where they want to go. While people can typically search for keyword phrases like “How to blog” or else “How to use a blog.”

In plain English, this means that there is actually had a chance that I will rank for the keyword phrase “how to use a blog.” In addition, it does not have a high search volume, but if you can rank for dozens or many long-tail keyword phrases related to the term “blog,” you will ending up with the major amount of the traffic.

Have Blog Post Schedule and Blog Regularly

Increase Traffic Through Blogs

Making a consistent schedule of posts on your blog helps your readers know when they will expect to hear from you again and again. Whether its quarterly, monthly weekly and daily. The key is to maintain the publishing consistency is more realistic. At the same time, individual bloggers can also find it to make high-quality content on a daily basis. Use it to manage your plan and ideas your content themes for each and every month so that blogging is something you will focus on, not something you do in your spare time.

Publish and Watch the Results

In the final analysis, publish your post. It depends on how frequently Google and other search engines can scan your site, and it will take some days or else longer for your pages to indexed and show up in Google. A simple tip to getting your pages into the search engine more faster is to publishing more often. When Google notices a website is getting updated daily basics, it can scan the site more regularly. As well as, posting your RSS feed to Pingler or ping-o-metic can also help your blog posts get indexed as soon as possible.

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