Googel Updates Google My Business to Google Business Profile

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Googel Updates Google My Business to Google Business Profile

Google Updates My Business as Business Profile:

The name “Google My Business” has been changed to “Google Business Profile.” In addition, in 2022, Google will replace the separate My Business Android and iOS app with a recommendation that “small businesses manage their accounts directly on Search or Maps,” apps that SMB owners as consumers will almost certainly already have installed.

Meanwhile, the current Google My Business web interface will be renamed “Business Profile Manager” and geared at larger businesses with many locations. In the coming months, we’ll provide more information about these adjustments.

The Name Change

Aside from the name change, those two apps now make claiming and validating your profile easier.

When you search for your company by name, you’ll find an option to claim and validate the Business Profile linked with it. You can change your business’ information, including the address, store hours, photographs, and more, once it has been confirmed.

It moves efforts to bring more business profile management out of the Google My Business app and straight into Google Search, Google Maps and those separate apps.

Updates Tab

Since late last year, businesses have responded to messages directly from the Google Maps mobile apps’ “Updates” tab. After pressing on the “Customers” menu, this future Search option will bring the capability to the desktop online.

Finally, a call history tool would demonstrate “which inbound customer calls originated from their Google Business Profile.” It will highlight correct responses and missed call count, performance, and History for authenticated profiles in the United States and Canada.

The new development.

Google Business Profile is the new name for Google My Business in the future. Google said the new name is to keep things easy, and someday in 2022, and Google will retire the Google My Business app entirely.

Name History

We are now calling it Google Business Profile; before that, it was named Google My Business, Google Places, and before that, it was Google+ Local, before that it was also Google Places, and then before that, I think it was just Google Local. So, yes, the local business management product has been through many names; I think I even forget some previous names the product had.

Google My Business is going to end.

So what does it mean that Google My Business name is going to end? On the other hand, Google updates are encouraging businesses to maintain their single listings on Google Search or Google Maps directly through the online interface or mobile apps. Although Google has traditionally allowed companies to manage their listings now in the search results or Google Maps, firms with single listings should work in Search or Maps rather than the old Google My Business panel.

Google Web Experience

Google said that the existing Google My Business web experience will transition to primarily support larger businesses with multiple locations and be renamed “Business Profile Manager.” In addition, Google updates will redirect and rebrand the Google My Business web interface. I personally still use to be directed to right now.

Business Profile Manager

Suppose you manage multiple locations for your business and are a local SEO that contains several companies. In that case, you will continue to use an interface like Google My Business, renamed to Business Profile Manager in the future. The Business Profile Manager may see some changes in the following months.


Additional characteristics.

With this announcement, Google updates also revealed some new features. The following are some of the new features:

  • Claim and verify your Google Business Profile directly in Google Search and Google Maps
  • Call History is officially launching
  • Messaging can be done now from Google Search
  • Google Search and Maps can control massage read receipts


How do you manage your business?

You can use Google Search or Google Maps for Business to check for your company’s name, or you can search for “my business” in Google Search or Google Maps for Businesses to see the firm you’ve previously declared and validated.


Performance Planner.

In addition to this, Google Ads now allows you to use Performance Planner to design your Local campaign budgets. The Performance Planner is a programme that helps you plan your advertising budget and analyse how changing campaigns affects key indicators and overall performance. This tool allows you to see campaign forecasts, experiment with different campaign settings to see what happens, recognise seasonal possibilities, and manage budgets across accounts and campaigns.


Why should we care?

Because Google’s local search is heavily reliant on the business profiles stored in Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business. So, for now, the web interface is not changing much outside of branding. Still, more and more functionality from the previous Google My Business online interface will operate immediately in Google Search, Google Maps, and the corresponding applications in the coming months.



Keep in mind that the Google updates will happen over the next few weeks if you follow Google My Business on social media or in the assistance forums.

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