9 Proven Facebook Marketing Strategies for Business

Facebook Marketing Strategies

9 Proven Facebook Marketing Strategies for Business

Facebook is a great tool, used for marketing for our business. Facebook page shares the identity of our business, not just by listing the product’s services as well as offerings, but also through sharing links and images in custom pages providing insights about our business. Further, Facebook business page is considered as a best spot for developing the brand identity as well as to show the potential through posts. We can share videos, images and links to a particular targeted audience, and also we can utilize Facebook insights to view the audience response. Here are 9 Proven Facebook Marketing Strategies for Business. Go ahead!

Facebook Business

Before diving in, there are various ways in approaching marketing on Facebook. The strategy considered here is inbound strategy. This strategy is all about being supportive to our audience. This strategy involves to understand the goals of the consumers as well as partnering with the consumers to conquer the challenges. Moreover, Facebook allows the marketers to develop as well as distribute the quality content that are beneficial for the users. Also, this allows the customer services and sales for connecting with the consumers those who are interested in a particular brand.

Of course, not everyone are familiar with Facebook, so here are the quick steps for creating Facebook business.

  • Create Facebook page
  • Add a brief description in the bio
  • Add more photos regarding your business
  • Set up the page roles
  • Add more friends associated with the business circle
  • Keep your page tags well organised
  • Make sure you post more contents
  • Verify your page

By this time, you might be somewhat familiar with Facebook, here are some marketing strategies for business.

Describe your objectives

Generally, any journey has a destination. For instance, we are about to go for a tour, we are all set with our luggage and also we loaded stuffs in car and almost ready. But if we are not aware of our path, we may get lost. Likewise, before starting marketing in social media, primarily, it is predominant to describe the objectives as well as the results. Moreover, if we don’t know about the business path in Facebook, our efforts will be doomed. As each and every brands are unique, we must also have unique ideas regarding our brand. Additionally, some common objectives are listed that may support to define yours. And once when you are clear with your objectives, we can move forward in the path.

  • Building the brand awareness
  • Collect all the customer feedback
  • Be familiar with your products
  • Be close to customers
  • Daily updates about the products

Understand the targeted audience

We can’t sell a plays-station to a 60 year old man who hardly time to sit and relax. And you can’t sell motors and circuits to a 13 year old boy who may probably like skateboarding. Thus, these kind of marketing will waste our money and time. In order to succeed in Facebook marketing strategies, we must need to have knowledge about audience. If we have a clear idea about targeting audience, our products and services can reach maximum as well as appropriate audience. So, we need to define our audience to be targeted.

Perfect timings of content

Timings are more significant when it comes to marketing. At times, our content may fail to catch the consumer’s attention if we miss timings. The timings of Facebook content mostly depends upon the timing of audience. Further, there are relevant timings to schedule the social media contents on the basis of chosen social-media platform. When considering Facebook, the suitable timings are Thursday as well as Friday. Additionally, do not post any contents in weekends. Moreover, the best time for posting content is between 1pm and 4pm. The traffic starts after 9am and it there will be peak traffic at 3pm. Since people get lazy after having food, the best timings to post is at lunch time.

Deliver valuable content

The best way to gain confidence as well as trust in case of marketing is by delivering more valuable contents. Further, the content must be freely shared without any strings attached to it. Generally, audience will come back to your page if your content is valuable. Also, your content must be more interactive and innovative so that general audience will also be impressed and repeatedly visit our page. Selling the products alone must not be the main objective, creative and impressive contents are the main selling point.
Moreover, sharing more images will visually attract the audience. Even if we are sharing content related to industry, do not hesitate to share pictures. Sharing pictures will give more interaction level. Read more newspapers, eBooks as well as PDFs to get knowledge about sharing valuable content. We must be always be prepared for a valuable content.

Develop interactive posts

We must know significant keywords associated to our business, and must develop more interactive posts. In order to make audience to speak about our page, the page must be more interactive, that eventually boosts up page and also targets more audience. While our goal is to give an interactive space to audience, we must get valuable feedbacks from consumers. Moreover, entertaining posts could be fun, as well as we can show the uses and benefits of our product in an interactive and entertaining way. We must be more cautious, because anything can happen any time, anything can turn negative. For instance, we can easily predict the success of the page by audience responses. If we got low and negative responses, it indicates that we have to change our post, but we there was positive and huge responses, it indicates that we are moving in a right track.

Facebook contests

We need to continuously run Facebook contents in order to uplift the page engagements with the customers. Further, we can also provide free give-aways for the winners. For instance, if you have a Facebook page with limited number of followers. You are conducting a free contest and announcing huge offers for the winner. At the end, you must include “Do like and share my page to enter the contest”. By doing these, you might get more new followers. The audience initially may not come to your page, but when considering the prize and give-aways you offer, your page will be crowded.

Facebook ads

Another easy way for reaching more audience is by Facebook ads. Through Facebook ads, we can easily target the appropriate audience and provide ads related to our business. Also, we can quickly deliver the relevant content to selected audience and make them to buy our products. For instance, if a person needs to upgrade his/her phone, and if we target those kind of audience and generate ads regarding new phones for less price, we can grab more audience. The main factor to be considered in the case of Facebook ads is targeting audience.

Measure the efficiency

By this time, you might have an idea how to do marketing through Facebook. Now, all we need to do is measure the efficiency and the success of our Facebook page. An effective way of measuring the success is creating a landing page.

Create your own kind of strategy

Finally, this is the main part where we need to show our full potential. After we execute, measure our efforts, we need to organize our works as well as optimize our Facebook Marketing Strategies. Following the same strategies may help us for only limited period of time. In order to move forward, we must change our strategies then and there, so that our ideas gets updated.

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