9 Best Ways To Improve Website Ranking in 2021

Improve Website Ranking 2021

9 Best Ways To Improve Website Ranking in 2021

Improve Website Ranking: Before knowing the nine best ways to enhance your website ranking, let us know what a website ranking is.

What is website ranking?

Website ranking also said as ranking a website is the position of a website in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Various factors are responsible to influence the website ranking on SERP. Here are nine best factors to increase your website ranking.

  • Publish readable contents
  • Have frequent updation
  • Page speed
  • Make use of digital platforms
  • Utilize relevant links
  • Apply keywords
  • Be unique
  • Try using infographics
  • Utilize LSI

The above mentioned ways help to optimize search engine thereby increase your website ranking. It is briefly explained below:

1. Publish Readable Contents

“Quality” is the first and foremost thing needed to make the readers have a good impact about your website. So make your contents simple, readable and easy to understand. Give a clear explanation of every sub-topics relevant to the chosen topic. It is very important to provide the readers with relevant contents for the corresponding topic so that they will stay in your website for getting the information they have been looking for. Make your website satisfactory to the readers. Make your contents short and crispy. Don’t overload your websites with many advertisements. The readers might get frustrated when advertisements pop-up while reading the contents in your website. Contents might be in any form. It is not necessary that the contents should be in textual form alone. You can add images to your site as images attract the reader’s interest than textual contents. Empathy is the second important requirement which means you have to understand the reader’s viewpoint or expectation about a topic and write contents on your website accordingly so that they will get the relevant contents they needed and you will also get a chance to rank your website in SERP. It is a double benefit right.

2. Have Frequent updation

You might have published your contents on a webpage. But have you updated it very often? If not, this is most important factor that is needed to Improve Website ranking. Frequent updation is, for example, if you have written about a topic a few months back, but the same topic has to be updated based on the present condition so that it will persist to be a fresh-site. You can add extra contents, add images relevant to your site or any other form of contents that might drive the readers to your site. So make sure you frequently update your website.

3. Page speed

Most often people get frustrated when the site speed is very slow. They leave your site and go on searching for another sites to get their contents fast. So to keep the readers stay in your site, you have to increase the speed of your site so that readers will get the needed contents as fast as they could. Though you have a quality content but still your page speed is low then you will have very low chances of getting ranked in SERP. So quality content and page speed is equally important.

4. Make use of digital platforms

Digital platforms are nothing but various social media platforms that we use in our day-to-day life. The social media platforms include Facebook, whatsapp, twitter, Instagram, linked in and many more to go. Similar to a business, a website also requires an active participation in social media. Whenever a person shares your website to others in social media, the credit goes to your site and in this way also there is a large chance for Improve Website ranking. So make your site worth-enough to share it to others. So make the digital platforms in a full-fledged manner so that you will get a way to increase the credibility of your website.

5. Utilize relevant links

You can include links in your site. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to provide links that are relevant to the topic. This makes it a quality content. The links which you provide in your site must be trust-worthy. This have chances of driving many people to your site and also have many chances for getting your site ranked in SERP. There are two kinds of links namely internal links and outbound links. Internal link is when you provide a link in your site and it points to another site. External link is when another site points to your corresponding website. Hence you can use any of these two sites. You should provide an internal link that points to the relevant topic of your site. When another website uses a link to go to your site make sure that particular site is trust-worthy. In this way also you can increase the credibility of your website.

6. Apply keywords

In Improve Website ranking, Keyword is another factor to Improve Website ranking. There exists two ways forapplying keywords in you site. The first one is named as long-tail followed by short-tail keywords. As the name suggests, LT keywords are those that have lengthy keywords. For example: if you are going to write about cookies, mentioning it as home-made cookie recipe is a long tail keyword. On the other hand, short-tail keyword is simply giving a short and crispy word about your topic. For example: when you are about to write about cookies in your site and if you mention it as simply cookies then it is called a short-tail keyword. To get a clear idea here is another example for you:

If your website content is about – biscuits

Then the Short Tail keywords are milk – biscuits, salt-biscuits and it goes on in this way.
The Long Tail keywords are – home-made biscuit recipes or hotel style biscuit recipes.

Choosing many Long Tail keywords for each webpage of your site increases the chances of getting the readers to reach your site. Long Tail keywords are more often preferred as it explores specificity. So make sure you choose specific and relevant long-tail keywords for your site. You can also use many SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools to know the competition and search rate for a particular keyword. So that you can choose keywords accordingly for your site. Research many relevant keywords as much as possible for your topic based on the search rate and competition to filter appropriate keywords for your webpage.

7. Be unique

Whenever you create a content for your webpage make sure that your content is unique from others. Avoid copying others content. Present your own ideas about a particular topic. So explore textual contents, images and other kinds of informations regarding your topic in a relevant way. Ask questions to yourself like “what will make my webpage unique from others?” List all the ideas that comes to your mind in a paper and start applying it practically. Start using your individuality and create a unique quality content to increase the credibility of your website.

8. Try using infographics and perform site optimization

Infographics is nothing but a collection of charts, images or any form that consists of minimum texts to make a topic to clearly understand in a visual form. We all would have tried this like learning all the diagrams for exams instead of full texts as diagrams make the concepts understand easily and also in a fast way. So this will work out. Make sure you provide all the relevant contents in an easily understandable way in the form of infographics for the readers coming to your website so that they will get satisfied and also share it to others.

This in turn will increase your site’s credibility and also increase your website ranking. In addition, optimize your website according to mobile phones and laptops. Now-a-days people started using mobile phones than laptops and computers. Most of the people use only mobile phones except for few. So make your site accordingly. Though you have everything done for your website but have not optimized it then this will also decrease your credibility rate. Keep your site generalized. That is people opening your site in a laptop or mobile phone, both should get the correct format to read the contents without making them frustrated due to invalid formats.

9. Utilize LSI

In Improve Website ranking, LSI expanded as Latent Semantic Indexing represents a keyword that most often appears in SERP which provides people to find additional keywords relevant to the topic they are looking for. So using this is an easiest and smart way to get your website ranked in SERP. You will find many keywords related to a particular topic. This will get you many keywords that people will be searching for on a particular topic. You can use it according to your site and increase your site’s credibility.


Thus the above mentioned ways are the nine effective factors to Improve Website ranking in SERP. You should give equal importance to all the nine ways to increase the quality of your site. Giving importance only to quality and not performing keyword research or optimization might also lower the chances of getting your site ranked in SERP. So make sure you consider each and every mentioned ways while creating contents for you website. This will surely rank your website in SERP in 2021. We are following various SEO metrics for rating our website. Similarly, use the nine effective ways and get your website ranked in SERP. We at SEO Business Company, providing the best SEO services which helps to Improve Website ranking in 2021.

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