Rabbit Packers Local SEO Casestudy

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Rabbit Packers Local Seo Casestudy | Seo Business Company

About the Client

Rabbit Packers and Movers is one of the packers and movers in Chennai. They offer their moving services to Commercials, Households, Industrial and Other sectors. They are the Best Packers and Movers in and around Chennai, Tamil Nadu. However, their business listing is not optimised in Google Listing. Sometimes, their business lacks many walk-ins and direct customers. Also, they lack their branding in Packers and Movers. So, they approached EiBS, the leading Digital Marketing Company, to work for their business conversions and branding.

The Challenge

Rabbit Packers and Movers, their Google Business Profile Performance page was created but not optimized well. As a result, their business listing lost the maximum number of potential customers, phone calls and messages. For this reason, they approached us with the main objective of improving branding and getting more Potential customers, Phone calls and messages. So, we offered the best and result oriented strategies for creating the best branding and business conversions.

Our Strategy

From December 2021, we have been optimizing Rabbit Packers and Movers, Business listing in Google.

We started to work on their business and framed a local SEO strategy and planning which defines their purpose of approaching us.

We first started to analyze their market and potential analysis in their industry.

Along with this, we have done several research works on their branding and competitors to determine new keywords.

Lastly, we tend to create a strong impression of their local presence by developing various profile creation and local citations in their respective regions.

Also, we started to work on GEO-Target based locations to get keyword rankings higher for their primary keywords.

Before Implementing Our Strategies

Google Search & Map views

It can be seen that monthly they tend to get around 3k views.

Rabbit Packers Local Seo Casestudy | Seo Business Company

Customer Actions

They tend to receive average calls of 38 per month and an average of website visits.

Rabbit Packers Local Seo Casestudy | Seo Business Company


Generally, local SEO is a strategic process that emphasizes the optimization efforts of local brick-and-mortar businesses. It is believed that the location of a business to confirm its existence before going to visit by the customers. So, Local SEO plays a vital role in their business presence. So, we followed some result-oriented strategies to increase their local presence and bring more revenue to their business.

We analysed the competitor’s research and also analysed their strategies to determine the particular terms using keyword planner tool that the potential customer would use to identify their service when searching in Google. We optimized Aathi Eye Hospital existing business listing by filling in all the business information and making sure it’s up-to-date. We added regular Google post to the listing. We know the importance of responding to the Customer reviews that we obtain. Further, we track to measure our results through the GMB Insights


So, based on the above strategies and workouts done by us, we come to see a positive output on their local presence and ranking in their region. Also, we tend to see an enormous increase of search and map views on their business listings and calls for their business. To continue this workout, we tend to produce the best outcome for their business.
Thus, you can see the rise of their local business listings in the below graph for the past three months

Rabbit Packers and Movers-GBP Insights

S.No GBP Insights Dec.21 Jan.22 Feb.22 Mar.22
1 Search Views(in 1000) 1.65 6.77 11.5 21.6
2 Map Views(in 1000) 2.16 3.07 3.79 3.93
3 Phone Calls 38 132 208 422

Rabbit Packers and Movers-Local SEO Insights

Rabbit Packers Local Seo Casestudy | Seo Business Company

GMB Search Views

It is found that Rabbit Packers and Movers tend to get an average search of 20 K per month on Google search views of business listings.

Rabbit Packers Local Seo Casestudy | Seo Business Company

Also, they receive up to 350 of average monthly interactions that include phone calls, website visits and messaging for the past three months

Rabbit Packers Local Seo Casestudy | Seo Business Company

Overall Performance

Thus, their overall performance tends to get increasing step by step, by our result-oriented strategies.

Rabbit Packers Local Seo Casestudy | Seo Business Company

Also, their Keyword ranking also keep forwarding on their positions from their original rankings.


It can be seen that their business got customer attention and more calls for the past 3 months.

As a result, when they tend to get average calls of 20-40 per month, after our result-oriented strategies, we can see they increase to average calls of 350-500 per month. Also, this increase reflects in 15X increase of ROI in their business. So thus, we followed our best and result oriented strategies, which have resulted in the expected output of increasing their branding and business conversions.

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