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“55% Increased Facebook Brand Awareness within 3 Months”

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About the Client

Savitha Mobiles is one of the leading destinations of Mobile Shopping in Madurai. Founded in 02-09-2018, as they are specializing in delivering branded mobile products at a reasonable price. They provide all types of mobile accessories and screen guard glass available.

The Challenge

As a leading mobile shopping, Savitha Mobiles' main goal is to provide a dynamic ad strategy to drive mobile phone accessories. They wanted to find the best way to target and convert users to drive more branded mobile products and sales. Savitha Mobiles wanted its Facebook promotion to go beyond creating brand awareness and focus on driving real business results.
22 %


20 %


25 %


Our Strategy

When Theni Anantham Dindigul joining hands with SEOBusiness Company, first we analyze and optimize their page.

Our main goal is to provide the brand awareness to Theni Anantham via social media. To create the brand awareness and engage the audience, we generated regular posts through Facebook.

Specifically, they wanted to reach the target audience and bring to their attention. More likes, comments and shares on Facebook than ever before-improved engagement with interested community.

Overall, we increased their brand recognition, reach and also engagement through the Facebook marketing.



Facebook Marketing Strategy Formulation

Determine best day to post

Integrate social media sharing

Engage with the Facebook community

Engage with other Facebook pages

Post concept-based image on Facebook

Our Facebook Presentation

We did offer-based post and share through social media for attracting women. This concept really helps to increased sales.

Specifically, we promote their product like collection of wedding sarees through social media platforms. It helps to increased engagement.

Here, we promote their overall brand due to they sell all types of products like jewels, home accessories, Ladies hand bag, Luggage bag, coolers etc.

Facebook Page Optimization

Social media presence is an important part of digital marketing. Especially, Facebook is the first platform to consider the planning strategy. Therefore, we ensure their page is well-optimized and also content to be visible in Facebook.

We selected the Perfect Facebook page title

And, customized their page URL that is match with page title

We make sure profile that includes avatar, cover image, bio, info are complete and also it consists up-to-date information

Optimized keywords in business page

We include NAP in page

Instagram Marketing Strategy Formulation

Our strategy included a breakdown of several tactics. Some of those tactics included such as

Searching out and sharing user-generated content

Add unique hashtags for each post

Post content on regular basis

Commenting and engaging with people who use our hashtags

Monitoring and responding to comments and direct messages

Our Instagram Presentation

This subhalaya pattu product is necessary for wedding. Therefore, we promote their subhalaya pattu product.  It helped to increased sales.

On the other hand, they sell A – Z kids products. So, our digital marketing experts promote these A – Z products for Kids.

We did offer-based post. This concept really helps to increased sales.

Increased Page Likes and Followers

To increase their page likes and page followers, we invited people to like the Theni Anantham Dindigul Facebook page and also run the engagement ads, conversion ad and improved their Facebook page likes and followers.

Enhanced Engagement

Afterwards, we boost their engagement is to create high-quality content because it provides the best value immediately. We should create the content in different types such as

Product Updates



Theni Anantham Fb Engagement


After implementing these above SEO strategy, we have seen a positive trend in terms of their organic traffic, website visibility, and top-priority keywords ranking in Google’s first page.

55 %


58 %


55 %



To conclude, we showed our potential strategy and upgraded the website ranking. We focused on what users wanted and provided them with informative content. We will continue to work the same.

After the successful execution of our powerful tactics, there was an increase in the number of visitors per day, increased brand awareness and upgraded their website position. Specifically, we focused on what users wanted and provided them with valuable content. Clearly, this case study shows several significant improvements in the various sectors in the business market.

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